Saturday, February 12, 2011

All That and a Bag of Mail: Tim Higgins Blows a Call Edition

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In a key SEC basketball game Thursday night, referee Tim Higgins blew a call against Alabama's JaMychal Green. I went back and watched the entire play in super slo-motion HD and there was no doubt that Green stayed in bounds. I even snapped a screen shot of the sideline tight-roping and posted it on Twitter. You can see that picture here, which shows that the closest Green came to the baseline still left him well inbounds. You can also see Higgins has a perfect angle on the call and still blows it, which, for anyone who regularly watches college basketball, is an all too common occurrence.

No sport in America is more impacted by officiating, not even the corrupt NBA, as much as college basketball. The referees call too many games, are too influenced by road crowds -- as a recent Sports Illustrated study confirmed -- and calls are often arbitrary and inconsistent. As someone who loves college basketball and has seen many games from courtside, refereeing is simply atrocious. Tim Higgins is one of the worst. As evidenced by the picture above, even when he's in perfect position he's incapable of making the right call. This wasn't a block/charge, this wasn't a foul of discretion or interpretation, it was a simple play, in or out, and Higgins bungled it.


Anyway, for Vanderbilt fans who thought John Jenkins was fouled at the end of the Florida game, you got your wish, blown calls have now evened out in your favor. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is UConn backup quarterback, Johnny McEntee with his trick shot quarterbacking video.

You'll love it.

And without further ado, on to All That and a Bag of Mail.


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