Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rossi: ?We have halved the gap on lap time?


Rossi: "We have halved the gap on lap time"

The numbers are not too exciting: the sixth to 26 “450 to the winner Jorge Lorenzo, the seventh fastest lap in 1’49″ 301, 0 “899 slower dell’148″ 402 Lorenzo. But Rossi has nevertheless achieved the best result possible and if you dig deeper you find that the fastest lap of Valentino was 1 “6 faster than the best move made ??by Stoner in the race in 2010, with a total time to complete the different less than 23 laps of 37 seconds in favor of Rossi. Last year the Australian Ducati had closed the quarter at 25 “703, which is now charged with the same detachment from Valentino Rossi to say that has not gone so badly and the problem is technical and not the pilot. “In the race – is analysis of the nine times world champion – we went a little better than the tests, thanks to a great change made ??in the set up (the bike was up the front and back, note), to change the balance of weight and have more grip under braking, even though we lost something in acceleration. So GP11.1 was better and if I had not had problems with the clutch at the start, I could be closer to Spies and Simoncelli, although I would still managed to keep their pace throughout the race. Compared to the tests, we have halved the gap on lap time, but if nothing happens to those before, this is our position in the Mugello hoping to do some ‘better, we expected a more important step forward. The good news is that the new rear suspension makes the bike more stable, but we continue to suffer in corner entry, especially in fast pieces and driven. I continue to consider the right choice to use the GP11.1: we realized that this bike is not good for 2012, you have to make another improvement. Moreover, we have turned over the 1000 level of Honda and Yamaha with the 800: there is to work hard.

Source: http://www.zimbio.com/MotoGP/articles/pNtu_Z61Zi-/Rossi+halved+gap+lap+time

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