Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ducati has sales boom in America

Ducati has announced the sales data of the first half of 2011. The house does not pay the Ducati when black is living in MotoGP, as in the first half of this increase in sales of the 2011 Italian motorcycle was 63%. Incredible numbers considering that the growth of motorcycle sales in the first half of this year was equal to 1, 7%.

The stunning announcement of record sales was the same as Ducati North America, who also added that the finding was made ??with the first half of 2010. Sales this year shot up to unbelievable levels, also because of the passage of Valentino Rossi to Ducati, which is undeniable, has brought new fans to the MotoGP team and off the farm. Sales in the U.S. and Canada in fact exceeds 60% in the first half of the year, with more than 5,200 bikes have already been sold in the first 2 / 4 year. This is of course also due to new models of the Italian company in the United States and not only are very depopulated.

The crisis that is facing the Ducati in MotoGP in recent months does not seem to have not affected the sales in the U.S. market for Ducati, who even sees an exponential growth compared to previous years. A news more than good that comes from the U.S. market for Ducati, who can look ahead with optimism and maybe just during the upcoming Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, will also be able to reverse the course that sees the MotoGP team not to sweat red just on the track.

Source: http://www.zimbio.com/MotoGP/articles/ji0E7ZMlXj6/Ducati+sales+boom+America

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