Thursday, April 28, 2011

MotoGP Ezpeleta If you do not run in Japan no substitution

Japanese Grand Prix calendar 2011

Japanese Grand Prix calendar 2011

A stay at the Japanese Grand Prix calendar 2011 would have to run next weekend. Then we all know what a tragedy struck the island: the earth trembles, the sea that rises and then the disaster of the central Fukushima. The Grand Prize is not there, they all point to 2 October. A few days ago the news, even the voice, which the Japanese Grand Prix is ??likely to be canceled and that change will take place in another state and is already being done on behalf of Turkey. This is the situation so far when the words of Carmelo Ezpeleta seems to have settled the succession of rumors and denials.
The Japanese Grand Prix will take place and if for some reason can not be not be replaced. The statements issued by the President of Dorna La Gazzetta dello Sport seem to close the matter permanently.

“We are awaiting the decision of the local promoter, said.” However, if this year decided to abandon the race, there would be no replacement. They set a national competition for the month of July, this means that at that moment the track will again be usable. By then we should be sure of what we do. ”

The decision remains in the hands of the Japanese organization in a capacity Ezpeleta confident and had complete confidence: “If you say that you can go ahead with the race, I’m sure it will be because there is a level of safety of 1.000%. If the situation should be clear, I am sure it would be the first able to evaluate it in an appropriate manner, “he said.

Samples and engagements
Changing continent, the United States on ESPN networks in ‘The Magazine’ to be released in May, publish the ranking of highest paid athletes in the world. In Italy’s Valentino Rossi in the lead with 20.8 million dollars (about 14.3 million euro) beats even the players. All in all a figure “modest” compared to 32 million dollars of Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez, star of professional baseball in the U.S. and Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao.


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